EUCRITE – European Centre for Refugee Integration in Higher Education

Intellectual Outputs

EUCRITE – European Centre for Refugee Integration in Higher Education, is an Erasmus+ funded program (Nov. 2017 – October 2019) the main goal of which is to provide support and training to administrative and academic staff in their interaction with displaced students.

To this end, the partner universities worked together to compile the following outputs:

This document attempts to survey the current state of European integration practices through the lens of the six partner universities, in order to provide the information necessary to build comprehensive and effective integration programs for European higher education institutions.

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This report summarises key findings from interviews conducted within the six EUCRITE partner universities. The key findings from the five categories of respondents were then divided into two categories: Problems for Universities and Problems for Refugees.

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The training modules that resulted from this project are materials that were developed to prepare university staff in their daily work and interactions with refugee students. The materials have been organized together into training packages, which we also refer to as modules. Users are encouraged to pick, choose and mix according to their own needs and interests.

We wish to provide not only training modules but also food for thought for staff interested in exploring new and innovative ways to work with students with refugee background.

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In the Toolkit for Alternative Admission Routes, also referred to as Intellectual Output 4 (IO4), we showcase collected data we collected about existing alternative admission routes and structures in each partner university.

The EUCRITE project team has also produced audiovisual material to highlight the challenges that students with diverse backgrounds currently face, whilst trying to gain access to University studies:

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(Video: Tussitaikurit Oy / Marker Wizards Ltd)